Delta Virtual Air Lines, was officially created as a virtual airline on May 16th, 2013 as recognized by IVAO, one of the major flight simulation networks, who provide us with various services that are additionally provided to all members and companies.

Created on May 16th, 2013.

IVAO Registered Virtual Airline 13626.


The corporate image of Delta Virtual Air Lines is that of the real company, having received authorization to use the name and image of Delta Air Lines Inc. with the main objective of promoting the practice of simulated flight; therefore, the care of the image by all members is essential.

The intellectual property rights for the content of web pages, including graphic design and codes are the exclusive property of Delta Virtual Air Lines and therefore, any reproduction, distribution, public communication, transformation or any other activity that can be done with the contents of its web pages or even quoting the source, without the written consent of Delta Virtual Air Lines is strictly prohibited.

All of the member data of this company and website are strictly protected under General Data Protection Regulation. They will be for internal use only for contacting purposes related to the activities of the virtual company or affiliated entities. Under no circumstances will they be used for profit or for purposes other than the virtual company. But if yot want to change, decline or delete your related data, please submit your GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) request, signing in to your account in IVAO website and use the same information which is on your profile. Submit Request

Delta Virtual Air Lines conducts flight operations with the callsign DAL and will answer your calls with the name of DELTA plus the number associated with the registered pilot or flight.

Delta Virtual Air Lines has its registered domain as which is to be understood as their Official Site.

2.1. All users of Delta Virtual Air Lines must in either case, fly under any callsign of any SKYTEAM Airlines.

2.2. Users registered in our VA, may choose to perform a flight under the following categories: REGULAR or CHARTER.

2.3. All flights, in all cases, can be done in ONLINE mode while connected to the IVAO and VATSIM network or in OFFLINE mode.

2.4. In any case, you should choose between the types of aircraft that the SKYTEAM Alliance possesses in its fleet.

2.5. All flights reported, will be reviewed through the DRMK Tracker System, smartCARS and IVAO Tracker, in order to check the quality of the flight and the veracity of the report.

2.6. Upon finishing a flight, it must be reported on our website.

2.7. Each user must report a minimum of 1 flight every 12 months . Otherwise, your account could no longer be in active status.

2.8. Flights will be performed under the following systems:

DRMK Tracker System.


2.9. Wherever possible, we recommend flights be done consecutively, linear and seamless , i.e. take off from the airport where the user has landed before.

2.10. Follow the Flight Operations manual once you enter to the pilot room.

A user may join Delta Virtual Air Lines if it complies the following minimun requirements:

Membership of Delta Virtual Air Lines is open to all members over 14 years of age at the time of application, in accordance with data protection laws.Those who are under 14 years of age, must only access this website with their parent`s consent.

All IVAO and VATSIM users , without any exception, are available to apply to Delta Virtual Air Lines.

Interested applicants should complete the questionnaire of the company; the veracity of its contents being the sole responsibility of the applicant.

Delta Virtual Air Lines, is not responsible for the falsification of information provided by registered users.

Once the application has been completed, you will be sent an e-mail with the steps to formalize your registration, if accepted.

Delta Virtual Air Lines reserves the right to reject applications that do not qualify or deemed potentially dangerous to the image of the Company.

A pilot may withdraw from Delta Virtual Air Lines in the following cases:

When sanctioned by any member of IVAO or VATSIM Staff.

If a breach of the established rules occurs.

For breach of the rules associated with the Forum and Discord.

By transmitting information of the company itself to non-members.

If deemed appropriate for the benefit of Delta Virtual Air Lines.

Any registered pilot in our company who is either an Administrator, Staff or Pilot, may be registered as a pilot in another VA as long as you do not break the rules of Delta Virtual Air Lines.

Delta Virtual Air Lineshas made a mailbox available to all users for complaints, incidents, problems, notifications, suggestions, news, etc. at the following email address:

These Operating Rules shall come into force upon approval by the Assembly of founding members and published on the official website of the Company

Approval date of the rules in force or last update: 05/19/2018. Any changes after publication require the approval of a simple majority of the founding members of the Company.

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