Start Up

Delta Virtual Air Lines was founded on May 16, 2013 by a group of friends who are fans of the world of aviation.

Our Purpose

With the will to share, grow, learn and enjoy the world of flight simulation, Delta Virtual Air Lines works daily to make these goals a reality and to become one of the most active companies in the IVAO network.

Our Team

The team of Administrators and Staff of Delta Virtual Air Lines is formed by real pilots, aspiring ATPL and virtual pilots with a long trajectory and experience in the world of flight simulation who will not hesitate to share and dedicate efforts in behalf of the Company and its members.

Delta Virtual Management System

Delta Virtual Air Lines offers its pilots the DVMS, our own, modern, genuine and realistic reporting system with a flight evaluation where each pilot will be able to detect which aspects to improve to obtain the best score. A tool designed exclusively under the SmartCARS system for Delta Virtual Air Lines.

Delta Air Lines, Inc Authorization

Delta Virtual Air Lines has the exclusive authorization of Delta Air Lines, Inc. to use the name of Delta company in both IVAO and VATSIM flight simulation networks and is duly registered in the North America Region of IVAO.

Skyteam System

Delta Virtual Air Lines offers it's pilots the possibility of reporting simulated flight hours under any of the 20 partners from the SkyTeam member companies in their Delta pilot profile.

Our Historical Trajectory

Since 2013 to the service of virtual aviation and always looking at the horizon.

  • The Beginning

    Founded Delta Virtual Air Lines.

    Registered with the IVAO Network.

  • IPS Implementation

    Pilot record 100+

    IPS Report System Implementation.

    Skyteam System.

  • VAM Implementation

    Development and publication of our new web page.

    Implementation of a new VAM report system.

  • Restructuring VA

    Pilot record 500+

    Reorganization of the Company's technical staff.

    Restructure of team and company administrators.

  • Study and development of a new web project

    Study and development of a new reporting system based on SmartCARS

    Pilot record 750+

    Participation in Euskal Encounter.

  • Customized System (DVMS) and smartCARS

    Implementation and inauguration of the new website.

    Implementation of the SmartCARS reporting system.

    Pilot record 800+

  • Consolidated Virtual Airline

    Implementation of the System v1.1.0.

    New website modules planification for 2020

    Pilot record 1900+

Who We Are

About Us

The entire team of administrators and staff of Delta Virtual Air Lines wishes to share the love of the world of flight simulation with all of you, being aware that this must be a place for learning and companionship while enjoying this exciting world to it’s fullest. We respect the free choice of fleet and route to be made by the pilots, although they can also book any of the 31,500 regular flight routes with the Delta code or any SkyTeam partner company.

Our Data

+ 31,500 Skyteam Routes

+ 3000 Aircraft Fleet

3814 Pilots

21 Skyteam Airlines

6 Prestigious Partners

What Our Pilots Say

  • After all of these years in IVAO it is easy to realize how the Delta Virtual Air Lines' philosophy fits perfectly with the principles shared by everyone in our flight simulation network. I wish you all the best and a very successful future.

    Client 1 Image

    Elias HerreroIVAO NPO President

  • The best reasons for flying Delta on this site is the following: 1.The points system, 2.The scoreboard, 3.The option to either fly a schedule or charter which can be combined by the Jump-Seat option, 4.Any aircraft and also that you do not have to fly say 2 x flights per month. The pilots that love this hobby will always fly and would never have a problem regarding the amount of flights for a specific period.

    Client 2 Image

    Richard SmithDelta Virtual Pilot

Our Awesome Team

Meet our experienced team of aviation enthusiasts and professionals.

    • member cover 1

      Urtzi Larrieta

      Admin - CEO

    • member cover 3

      Diego Fernandez

      Admin - Membership

    • member cover 4

      Josep M.Ribé

      Admin - Events

    • member cover 5

      Alejandro Rodriguez

      Admin - Membership & SM

    • member cover 6

      Jose Luis Garcia

      Admin - Flight Operation

    • member cover 7

      Antonio Arrabal

      Admin - Events

    • member cover 8

      Rodrigo Zarza

      Staff - Webmaster

    • member cover 9

      Borja Kristobal

      Staff - Membership

    • member cover 10

      Luis Dieguez


    • member cover 10

      Isidro Feijoo


    • member cover 11

      Antonio Prieto


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