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CEO's Letter

In early 2013, after several months of considering the feasibility of creating a new company, the founders
of Delta Air Lines Virtual decided to start with a project that we knew would not be easy to complete and
put into operation .

Our experience with IVAO, in addition to our loyalty as a group of highly-skilled members for more than 4
years, have made ​​possible what today is known as Delta Air Lines Virtual.

Throughout these past months, several of our members have joined together in making this project even
more consistent and complete.

We know the impact our project can have within the IVAO community, as we know that we represent one of
the most important airlines in the world. Delta has placed in us the confidence in allowing us to use their
name and image to promote flight simulation activity within the IVAO network .

We are proud to be the only virtual airline officially representing Delta Airlines Inc. in IVAO, and we will give
our dedication, commitment, respect and fidelity to the actual company and the community of IVAO.

Delta Air Lines Virtual, has all of the necessary permits and contracts to use the name and image of the
actual company within the IVAO network of which will be available to any member of Delta Air Lines Inc.
and/or any executive member of IVAO should they request it.

We would like to thank you for your trust and welcome you aboard.

Xavier Serra Fabregas
Delta Air Lines CEO Virtual

What is Delta Air Lines Virtual?

Delta Air Lines Virtual is a virtual airline created for virtual aviation enthusiasts who use
the default simulators FS2004 and FSX and main software within the network of the
International Virtual Aviation Organization ( IVAO ) by simulating all flight operational
procedures as realistically as possible.

Supported by the company Delta Air Lines Inc., we simulate the structure and organization
of an international airline, making exclusive use of its fleet, but adjusting both flight routes
and hubs of the company according to our concerns and needs within a virtual flight.

Being able to share experiences with people of different nationalities and languages, is a
primary goal for Delta Air Lines Virtual, so we have made an effort to adapt all our systems,
into both the Spanish and the English language. If we assess in the future a need to expand
and translate our website into more languages, we will do so.

Delta Air Lines Virtual, has a tailored website in English and Spanish, a dedicated voice channel
which utilizes private channels in both Spanish and English, and a forum tailored to the needs of
users who use either of the two languages.

We use an integrated PIREP system called IPS, a virtual training system called VRTS, FSKeeper as
a flight tracker and an optimized kACARS DAL Virtual HUB system, ROUTES system, a custom tab
of each pilot, a private forum, a private TeamSpeak3, as well as a friendly atmosphere between users.
As we expand and improve our website, we will offer much more, with the goal that it will make Delta
Air Lines Virtual an exciting experience for all of its members.


Firstly, the members of Delta Air Lines Virtual would like to express our gratitude to Delta Air Lines, Inc., the prestigious airline from the United States of America that has given us permission to use their name and image within the IVAO flight network.

Thank you for putting your trust in us, and for the opportunity to make our passion for virtual aviation even more real.

To represent the colors, fleet and the name of Delta is an honor for all of the members that make up our virtual airline.

This project wouldn't have been possible without you.

We would also like to give our most sincere gratitude to the flight network of IVAO, for allowing us to enjoy this hobby and pssion in a free way.

We can't finish this without thanking everyone involved in this project for your time and dedication to it.

VRTS Training System

There is a relationship between IVAO and flight simulation that is not achieved in all cases.

Their compatibility depends mostly on the acquired knowledge that is available through both.

On one hand, IVAO offers a repertoire of documents and information completely free for all
registered users. Each division offers a variety of training and testing through tests available to

At Delta Air Lines Virtual we want to help users to acquire both basic and advanced knowledge,
so that IVAO, as well as flight simulation, are no longer a difficulty and become a perfect complement
for the sole purpose of improving your flights and your knowledge.

We want our users to understand that in order to enjoy virtual aviation within an international flight
network, you will need a broad knowledge of both IVAO and practice of virtual flight through the
recommended flight software.

Delta Air Lines Virtual offers a unique software-art training available to users registered in our virtual
airline, which offers a wide range of possibilities to improve your flying skills and your knowledge of
virtual aviation.

Clickherefor more information.